Hi there, I’m Shardool!
I’m an Experience Designer from Chicago, IL.

In my 10+ years in digital design, I’ve cultivated expertise and passion for the journey to successful design and innovation. I love creating digital experiences that realize a balance between beautiful design and thoughtful ease of use. I’m always evolving as a creative and love to chat about what future opportunities might hold. If you’d like to chat, please reach out to me!

Mobile: 630.479.0870

Capital One, Toyota, McDonalds, Xfinity, Procter and Gamble, Chrysler, Kraft, Cox Communications, JCPenney, Office Depot, Allstate, Bertolli, DeVry, and more.

FWA Site Of The Day (SOTD) • Toyota Avalon “Only The Name Remains” • 05/13
ANA Excellence Award, Digital Category • “Rising Tide” Social Media campaign • 11/14