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The 2013 Toyota Prius is a unique car for a special kind of person. Hence the “Those Who Get It, Get It” campaign was born. We wanted a modern cultural icon that stood out on their own and garnered respect because of it, as that’s the exact profile of driver we were trying to reach. Raphael Saadiq was commissioned to write and perform a pair of songs in his unique R&B style wherein he sang his praise of a “girl” (Prius) while still covering all of the features we wanted to highlight.

Digitally, we ran a series of banners both standard and rich that reiterated the same sentiment of individuality to resonate with our target. I was tasked with finding a way to show the spots within rich media ads. I concepted out a rich media unit wherein once expanded you could toggle between the outside of the car, where you could watch Raphael perform a song (the spot) on a white sweep, and the inside of the car (the dashboard) where you could hover over various hot areas that would then open up to give you a little more info on that particular feature. When toggling between the two, the interaction was designed to feel seamless as if you were going in and out of the car. The standard banners were the same as the expandable’s collapsed state, shown in the first 3 frames here.