Toyota redesigned the 2014 Corolla inside and out. With 80% of all Toyota Corollas sold over the last 20 years still on the road, it’s a no-brainer why Toyota Corolla is the best selling compact car in America. Now everyone knows Corolla is the car that keeps going, and in an everchanging world, is a force you can rely in your day to day climb to the top.

Our job? To remind our target of the everyday joy that embodies owning and driving a Corolla. I worked with a very small group of creatives to explore the fun and enjoyment that the essence of the Corolla brings. In this series of TV commercial spot concepts we set our sights on showcasing exactly that. The concepts below are paired with imagery to convey the tone of how it might look once shot.

“Never Stop Driving” (Concept 1)

There’s something about the new 2014 Corolla S.
This one is actually, you know – fun. More style, more bells and whistles, more fast. The completely new look and feel draws you, adding some kick to your drive. Once you get a hold of that in a Corolla, it’s kind of hard to let it go.


“The Breeze”
:30 TV spot:

We open on our hero at work, sitting at his desk that’s littered with paperweights. A coworker hands him a paper and it flaps in the air as he struggles to grab it. We notice his tie and shirt are blowing wildly in the wind.

Cut to the break room. Our hero leans down to a short water cooler to refill his cup. The water blows to the side and out of frame as he tries to catch a few drops in his cup. The same coworker from before appears from off
camera – his pants covered in water.

Cut to out hero exiting the office building, clothes still being blown back. He enters his Corolla S, slams the door, and exhales as his clothes deflate, returning to normal.

Driving footage romance exterior and interior as the AVO speaks.



“The Goodbye”
:30 TV spot:

We see a man pull into his driveway with his arm resting around the passenger seat. He steps out of the new Corolla S and faces it lovingly.

MAN: “Well, this is me. Goodnight.” The Corolla begins to cry, spraying wiper fluid all over its windshield.

The man comforts it. MAN: “Don’t do that. We had so much fun.” Cut to a montage of energetic flashbacks, showing the man and the Corolla sharing fond memories of driving together.

We come back to reality as the Corolla wipes away its tears. The man consoles the car, caresses its hood, and turns to walk away. He stops, turns back to look at it and says, “How about I take the long way to work

AVO speaks as we see the man walk away.


“Rev-eryday” (Concept 2)

There’s running errands,
and then there’s making the day YOURS.

An ordinary day behind the wheel of the new Corolla is anything but. So much joy is packed into the new Corolla S; their owners know there is always an opportunity to inject a little fun into each day. Boring is out as soon as you step in.


“The Best Time”
:30 TV spot:

We follow our hero in his new Corolla as he runs a few errands. The camera cuts quickly, showing him going from place to place.

He peels out of the drive thru at the cleaners. The attendant holds up a card letting the driver know he is 2 seconds behind. We see items piling up his backseat as he heads to more places. The bank…1 second behind. The grocery store…2 plus.

The driver pulls into his garage going top speed, he jumps out of the Corolla, and stares at his electronic leaderboard as it showcases his new record-breaking time.

(ALTERNATE SCENARIO: The workers at the cleaners, bank, and grocery store show signs/clocks to signal how much time he has left as he drives along. He pulls into his garage at top speed, runs into the living room, and makes it just as halftime is ending.)

Driving footage and AVO.

Others possible executions:
Print: Use doughnut tire marks
Digital: The Boredom Games, a suite of simple mobile games inspired by little games you played as a kid, such as an Augmented Reality game wherein you flick a virtual paper football (think paper folded into a small triangle).
Engagement: Partnership of some sort w/ Zip car and/or I-go.