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Kids in America today get outside and explore nature at an alarmingly lower rate than previous generations, and have become obsessed with TV, video games, and the internet. That’s why AdCouncil tapped us to create an engaging digital campaign to get kids excited to get outdoors again!

While kids seemed like the obvious target, when we got down to it we identified that the adults attached to these kids were equally important. Through some exploration we realized that the key to this was fun, and so by marrying the allure of technology with outdoor activities, we could make nature seem cool again!

Within this integrated campaign, I came up with the idea to create a simple good old fashioned scavenger hunt, but to use technology to gasify it even further by encouraging the kids to use technology to create their own shareable keepsake of their adventures. To create a powerful experiential installation, we took classic hide-and-seek and made it larger than life and with friends from the forest, but right in your own mall. And for adults looking to plan a trip, we designed an information website that welcomes you with a scenic outdoor landscape complete with touch points that when interacted with come to life via video.