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Cox Communications, a leading cable and communications company, has an advanced digital phone system called IP Centrex, but a not so advanced looking website to market it. I was tapped by FCB Global to design a landing page experience that would convey what IP Centrex is, highlight features, illustrate benefits, provide real customer testimonial video clips, and then ultimately prompt potential clients to inquire for more information.

Since the information flowed so naturally between components, leading up to the call-to-action, a 1-page layout made sense instead of requiring visitors to click between pages. As a way to bring focus to the individual areas of the page, the design uses a large tile approach to separate sections and a sticky header navigation that allows you to move between them.

Another part of my work on Cox was designing a modal experience for customers needing to select equipment for their particular package online. This included the interaction design of designing states for buttons and enabled/disabled elements, as well as icon design.

The end result was a simple, beautiful, easy-to-use IP Centrex website with a modern feel via flat design, as well as an intuitive modal experience.