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McDonald’s unveiled the biggest sandwich launch of the year, and we were tapped to find a compelling way to market the burger in a way that elevated the sandwich as being premium and above par in comparison to other fast food. To set this sandwich apart in consumers’ minds, we came up with an idea called “Bacon Clubhouse Rules” that would make the sandwich feel unique and exclusive, yet still very much so accessible and draw loyal McDonald’s fans in with a familiarly playful attitude.

I was responsible for helping set the right tone, visual direction, and creative strategy to peak the interest of our demographic. Since we wanted it to be fun, yet something people would actually use and share, we created an app that empowered users to make a McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse branded memes of themselves, with their own rules, to share with their friends. In the banners we strategically took to a route that highlights the ingredients, to speak to the premium quality of the sandwich.