McDonald’s decided to move their yearly Monopoly promotion to the summer time to align with the high spirits of summer and tapped us to create a campaign to embody that spirit while resonating with our African American target. I served as the digital creative lead who concepted, wrote, and designed the visuals and interactions for a series of banners. Speaking to the wants of our specific customer-base, our research showed a strong interest in 3 prize categories: food, cash, and music.

In trying to bring the Monopoly at McDonald’s brand into a summer theme, I devised a way to both show off the prizes as well as maintain the tone of the campaign by panning along a beach scene stocked with prizes. The banner begins with Mr. Monopoly kicking a beach ball out of frame, wherein we follow along the beach to reveal more and more prizes, while messaging slides in from left to right, pausing briefly so the user can read it, and catching the user’s eye with a water reflection glimmer effect. As we close on the final frame, the most popular prizes from our research are shown together along with the Fiat grand prize.

I also concepted a larger digital execution in the form of a website or Facebook app, wherein we’d invite users to come “Step Up To Summer” in an online dance meme of sorts. The TV spots utilized up and coming R&B artist Trevor Jackson, so we would partner with him to invent a unique dance move for users to mimic and then share with their friends via social media, thereby hopefully spawning a viral component to the campaign.