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During my time at ShopLocal, I designed many top retailers’ digital weekly ad experiences (you know the thing you get in the Sunday paper, but made of 0s and 1s). In the discovery phase of Office Depot’s project, I interviewed the client to learn about their customers’ online behaviors and the way they think about the available products.

I discovered that their customers buying patterns lay in 2 distinct camps of thought…
“I want what I purchase to be quality the first time, and I know of a BRAND that makes quality products”
“I need [something] so I need to find my way to that DEPARTMENT”

From this the foundational information architecture was born and I decided to surface these most common systems of navigation front and center in visually designing the experience. Other useful features I designed that were born from insights from user interviews were features that allowed visitors to send interesting specials to roommates/spouses, as well as create a digital shopping list that they could print and take to the store. After the UI design, the site was built with a team of front end developers while I continued to support the process by advising on all aspects from user experience to interaction design, through until launch.