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The Rising Tide social media platform exemplifies the Tide brand’s commitment to service by serving as a source of access, inspiration and guidance to millennial as they strive to show up at the highest levels in their adult lives. This community connects followers with influential people, events, and, most importantly, knowledge for their path to success.

An important part of my role as the lead digital creative was to advise on how best to leverage each platform’s space, technology, and functionality for a cohesive and effective online program. I designed a Facebook app in which users were invited to submit their stories of what they were doing to take their passion to the next level. The user who submitted the most inspiring story according to votes was awarded a personal 1-on-1 coaching lunch with hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons. I also designed and advised on creative strategy for a number of social media designs through multiple versions til launch.

Visit the Rising Tide hub on Facebook to see videos with Russell Simmons and more!