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Sustainable Capital Finance is a California based company that brings those interested and involved in solar installations together with investors. At the core of their business lay a number of processes and roles, from administrators to investors to installers. With every role needing something different, it was a bit of an information architecture mess, but I first learned the processes and thus was able to organize them in a way that flowed better to achieve the business needs of each user.

I designed an experience that is modern, simple, easy to use, and most importantly makes it easy to scan and enter large amounts of financial data. As you flip through the screens you’ll notice a number of custom form and interface elements that were designed thoughtfully so that everything is organized logically and makes sense throughout the pages.

I also re-imagined their progress system and turned it from percent-based (which I felt was no value-add for the user) to a milestone-based system. Given the progressive and positive nature of the business we used type and colors that were pleasant and contemporary, yet balanced enough that they were appropriate for a serious corporate application.

The end result is a beautiful and simple flat user interface that is easy to understand, navigate, and use on a daily basis for all parties involved so that the users can focus on what really matters to them.