During my time on the Tide account, we were tasked with finding a way to connect with African American moms, who were found to be the primary buyers of household supplies such as detergent, to introduce Tide Pods. To do this we took a closer look at why exactly moms buy these supplies and came to realize that it’s not about them, it’s about the loved ones they care for, like for example Junior who’s away at college. The bond between mother and son doesn’t stop when he goes to college and the glue of that bond is her doing small things to nurture from beyond. All we had to do was piggyback that age old tradition.

So we created a digital campaign wherein mom could send a Tide Pods care package to their child away at college. When you first arrive at the Facebook tab (part of Tide’s FB page) we’d show a college student with the Tide Pods his mom sent him and some brief copy explaining that they too can easily do the same. Once mom fills out the form, we send their kid in school a care package with Tide Pods in it and a personalized note from mom.

After mom is done submitting her note, she can read what other’s have written. We felt sharing the content, while personal, could be a nice way to build a deeper connection to the Tide brand after having given them the experience to have some camaraderie around parenting college students and seeing that other moms, just like them, deal with similar scenarios. The idea was a favorite because we felt it could lead to some interesting organic content generation.